Online & Offline

You can make the survey online on smartphone, tablet or computer. You can make the survey offline on the smartphone, tablet via mobile apps


Safety and security is an important requirement we set out. Our products are thoroughly tested security standards.

Analytic & report

Easily analysis and report the survey result. Can draw chart and export survey result report to excel, pdf.

Easy to use

Esily perform survey anytime, anywhere, online or offline on mobile apps via smartphone , tablet.

Data Sync

Synchronize data between survey devices with servers when connected to the internet.


You can make and customize the survey form from default template or make a new template.

Development Team

Bien Hoang

Developing innovative products to enhance the health, human life and health system development, education, environmental protection is our wish.

Chien Thang

Product to be put into use rigorous testing to ensure quality and always. A project is always completed according to the schedule given as requested and our responsibility.

Bon Hoang

Creative freedom with passion helped me create quality products and bring satisfaction for every client trust.

Dang Thu Nga

Impressive, innovative, interactive are elements required in each of the e-learning lessons that we built. And the lesson must please our clients.

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